Edibles for All: Glean, Harvest, Give

The original Incredible Edible Todmorden has only one membership requirement:

If you eat you’re in!

While many of us have a place garden and enjoy being gardeners, many around us have neither the time, space, ability or, perhaps, sufficient income to grow or obtain enough healthy produce.

Some of us also find our greatest pleasure in making sure that others have enough to eat.

Our Community Orchard at Red Morton Park (Redwood City) is harvested by residents (homes, apartments, RVs and tents) almost as quickly as the fruit ripens. Likewise, many find the seasonal offerings at the Whole Foods Community Garden beds….YET the need in San Mateo County is much greater.

We are starting some initiatives and seeking partner organizations. If you can see a place for yourself, or an organization you have connections to,  in any of the pieces below, contact Claire@IncredEdMidPenDOTorg

Fruit Gleaning

There is an opportunity to extend Village Harvest gleaning into San Mateo County. Village Harvest actually has a robust volunteer base (many SMC locals who currently harvest in Santa Clara County) and top notch logistics coordination but lack the following resources to operate in San Mateo County:

  • A truck or van/step van that can hold harvesting supplies and up to 2,000 lbs of fruit generally available on harvest days
  • A person who is capable of maneuvering the fully loaded above vehicle on harvest days
  • Non-profits that distribute foods that can accept shipments of up to 2,000 lbs.

Produce Sharing

There are several models for how this might happen:

Growing the Food

  • Donating produce from you own garden to a non-profit (more about possibilities below)
  • Garden a row or plot in a community garden for donation .There is already such a partnership between Samaritan House and some of the gardeners at Beresford Community Garden in San Mateo (photos below). Would you like to join a team to identify an/or form  more gardens?

Sharing the Food

  • Identify non-profits that will accept small direct donations on an irregular basis (let us know if you know any of these organizations
  • Identify and partner with faith groups and non-profits that already do regular distributions.
  • Work with your faith group or contact non- profits about setting up a food distribution program or community garden at their locations.