Who We Are

Incredible Edible Mid-Peninsula is a group of local gardeners who share the belief that our community is enriched when all residents have access to good, local fruits and vegetables and are engaged in the process. We are centered in Redwood City but serve and connect throughout San Mateo County, California. 

Our group was inspired by the Incredible Edible Todmorten UK sustainable community gardens and how they invigorated a community on many levels from front yard veggie plots to shareable edible gardens in public spaces. We wanted to be part of this movement.

Throughout California water is valuable & limited resource. Lawns use water disproportionately; Incredible Edible founders were early adopters of tearing out our lawns and sustainably planting them with native pollinator plants and fresh organic produce.

We encourage cities, schools, multi-family landowners and businesses to dedicate space for growing for those who do not have land available to them. We encourage all to grow fruits and vegetables and share. Through education and invitation we hope that families, students, young & old will come to consider edible and native gardens as a city birthright

We are a volunteer group and invite any residents who are interested to join us and become part of this incredible movement. Here’s how…

        ~ Grow edibles at home in your front yard, backyard, side yards in beds or climbing walls and encourage you neighbors to follow. 

~ Start or join a community garden

       ~  Share your bounty with those who are hungry. Plant a row or a plot to local non-profits that distribute food. Help create or manage the connections for distribution.

Cooking up a community event with seasonal edibles

~Joining us behind the scenes:  We also grow with the seeds planted by writers, techies/social media/web gurus, graphic artists, managers, committee leaders and board members.

      ~Share your talents as handyperson, artist, crafter, musician, event organizer, healer or uplifter to share and spread kindness through sustainable foods.

~Let us know how you could see yourself making our group stronger.

~Connect with us us on Facebook or join our maillist

Edibly Yours,

Claire Felong for the Team

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