Incredible Edible Mid-Peninsula

Fruit Orchards, Pollinators and Chickens


We have now planted 26 fruit trees in Redwood City for you to enjoy.  Depending on the season, you may FIND apples, pears, cherries, figs, apricots, plums, pluots or citrus. Please wait until the fruit is ripe and only take what you can carry in your hands so there are plenty for everyone!


There are two locations in Red Morton Park, behind the McGarvey playing field and another around the Senior Center/Master Gardeners garden behind the Herkimer Pool.


A second orchard is located on the corner of  Alameda and Vera orchard near Roosevelt School in Redwood City.

We prune, thin and amend the soil about 4 times a year There are no currently scheduled fruit tree plantings but let us know if you know of a public location with irrigation that we should consider. We meet regularly to prune, thin and mulch about four times a year and welcome volunteers who would like to join us and learn. . If you’d like to join us in these activities and learn how to maintain fruit trees, consider joining us and  CityTrees specialist Tom Cronin at one of these sessions. Contact Tom at

Deer seeking food have become a problem as they forage from the trees. If you are able to help us fund some of the deer fencing  costs at the Alameda & Vera Orchard we are gratefully accepting donations here.


Successful gardens need a variety birds, bees, bugs & butterflies to pollinate each plant. One way to attract the pollinators is with a variety of pollinator plants. Here are couple links:  Pollinators, Pollinator Plants.

Several of our members raise chickens or are beekeepers. If you’d like to contact them, send an email to .