SeedMoney Grants

SeedMoney is offering 255 garden grants totaling $40,000 to diverse food garden projects through a 30-day crowdfunding challenge running from Nov 15 to Dec 15.  The deadline for applications is fast approaching.

Whole Foods Community Garden

We planted the summer garden at Whole Foods community garden. The Jefferson bed has tomatoes and the Adams bed has strawberries. The tomatoes have gone wild, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like it. The plants are absolutely humongous. Hopefully there should be tomatoes and strawberries to pick in the next month.

Whole Foods

Incredible Edible Mid -Peninsula joined forces with CATA and Whole Foods Redwood City that has come together into one gorgeous project. There is a beautiful mural painted along the back wall of Jefferson and Adams Street. Whole Foods then wanted a community garden to tie the whole project together. They asked Incredible Edible if we could plant the garden. There …

Two Community Gardens Coming to Redwood City

There will soon be two opportunities to participate in Community Gardens in Redwood City.   The Kainos garden is located at a group home near Red Morton Park. Five young men who are developmentally disabled, yet high-functioning, live there and would like to participate in some of the gardening activities. There will be a combination of individual and co-operative plots …