Who We Are

 Incredible Edible MId-Peninsula is group of San Mateo County CA residents who were inspired by the Todmorten UK sustainable community gardens and how they invigorate a community on many levels from front yard veggie plots to shareable edible community gardens and orchards in public and commercial spaces. We wanted our communities to be part of this movement.


In California & globally, water is valuable & limited resource and lawns are disproportionate users. Instead, let’s sustainably plant with natives and fresh organic produce, which also contributes to a healthier community. Let us plant colorful flyways of native plants for the pollinator, birds, bees and supportive insects to feed upon. Let us replace tour front grass with edibles and encourage other residents to follow. 


We are partnering with the Redwood City Parks & Recreation, City Trees, Whole Foods Market, and Redwood City Parks & Arts Foundation to dedicate some public space to grow fruits and vegetables that can be grown and shared by all. As our population is expanding, many more living in places with limited land; Incredible Edible is working to harness and network schools, garden non-profits, developers and individuals to find farmable plots and negotiate the logistics to make viable community gardens. Through education and invitation we hope that families, students, young & old will come to consider edible and native gardens as community birthrights.


We invite any residents of San Mateo County who are interested to join our group and become part of this incredible movement.  While we are currently active only in Redwood City, we would love to see our mission expanded across the county with your involvement!  You can also request to join us on Facebook for our latest happenings


Edibly Yours,

Claire Felong


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