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Sr. Center Orchard Closing BUT McGarvey Orchard Ripening!

With sadness we report that the Fruit Orchard #2 by the Master Gardener’s Garden and Herkimer Pool in Redwood City will be razed the week of July 12, 2021 to make way for the new YMCA/Senior Center.
About 1/2 the trees were planted by Bruce Utecht at the Sr. Center and the others by Incredible Edible. Also sadly, much of the fruit is just beginning to ripen but you might be able to get some before they are pulled.
Should you have the equipment and ability to remove and transplant any of these, you can contact Bruce about doing so. There are plans for rooftop gardens when the new buildings are finished.
On the positive side, we still have apple, pear, plum, pluot an orange trees that will remain in place behind the McGarvey Field in Red Morton so continue to enjoy them!
Carol Cross and Ann Morrison, founder of Incredible Edible Mid-Peninsula, talks to Mary Clear founder of the original Incredible Edible Todmorden (UK) at the Sr. Center Orchard in 2017.
Katherine Simon of Incredible Edible, France visits the Red Morton #1/ McGarvey Field orchard in 2018.

A New Fruit Orchard in Redwood City by Roosevelt School

About a year ago Incredible Edible began an inventory  process of all plots owned by the city of Redwood City. Team members visited each of the plots to determine whether their topography, access to water and  other characteristics that would be suitable for fruit trees, berry bushes or vegetables beds.  A vacant lot adjacent to Roosevelt School at the corner of Alameda de las Pulgas and Vera offered a sunny slope. Partnering with  Public Works,  Parks & Rec landscaping, Redwood City School District and CityTrees team member Tom Cronin, we worked through issues of utility lines,  visual safety sighting for students that cross the intersection,  irrigation and augering of holes in preparation for planting.


On January 28, 2017 sunny skies greeted a team of volunteers who planted & staked eight fruit  trees on the upslope and two ornamentals streetside.


Apple, pear, plum, apricot & nectarine are among the fruits that students and nearby residents will be able to harvest in the next season or two.


Our First “official” Planting Party at Red Morton

Cindy Johnson, Tom Cronin, Carol Cross, Ann Morrison, Claire Felong and Dave Hyman representing CityTrees, Incredible Edible Redwood City and the UU Redwood City gathered after planting the first tree.

Saturday, January 18 was the first official planting for Incredible Edible Redwood City. Nine bareroot fruit trees including apple, orange, plum, pear, cherry and fig were planted with help from CityTrees experts who demonstrated best practices for hole size, root trimming and alignment, amendments and berms for water retention.

Six months in the planning, the fruit trees are now at home in Red Morton Park behind the main baseball field wall where all are invited to watch their progress! Chris Beth, head of Redwood City Parks and Rec, is an enthusiastic partner and cheerleader for the progress and engaged landscaping staff Francisco Esperanza and Valerie Matonis to coordinate with Incredible Edible for removal of old plantings, tree location, drip irrigation, hole augering and the first deep root watering.

Trees were donated by CityTrees, Chris Beth, Valerie Matonis, Dave Hyman and Incredible Edible members. Special thanks to Rethink Recology for the compost.

Cindy Johnson, Tom Cronin, Carol Cross, Ann Morrison, Claire Felong, Carla Waters and Dave Hyman representing CityTrees, Incredible Edible Redwood City and the UU Redwood City

We also want to recognize Josh Shade for site design and layout, and Carolyn Chaney who is an ongoing member of the planning committee.

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