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Sr. Center Orchard Closing BUT McGarvey Orchard Ripening!

With sadness we report that the Fruit Orchard #2 by the Master Gardener’s Garden and Herkimer Pool in Redwood City will be razed the week of July 12, 2021 to make way for the new YMCA/Senior Center.
About 1/2 the trees were planted by Bruce Utecht at the Sr. Center and the others by Incredible Edible. Also sadly, much of the fruit is just beginning to ripen but you might be able to get some before they are pulled.
Should you have the equipment and ability to remove and transplant any of these, you can contact Bruce about doing so. There are plans for rooftop gardens when the new buildings are finished.
On the positive side, we still have apple, pear, plum, pluot an orange trees that will remain in place behind the McGarvey Field in Red Morton so continue to enjoy them!
Carol Cross and Ann Morrison, founder of Incredible Edible Mid-Peninsula, talks to Mary Clear founder of the original Incredible Edible Todmorden (UK) at the Sr. Center Orchard in 2017.
Katherine Simon of Incredible Edible, France visits the Red Morton #1/ McGarvey Field orchard in 2018.